Categories allow us to group products that share certain characteristics in common.

In general, the name assigned to Categories is related to the product type, which usually represents its most general characteristic.

In E-Stock Web we call Categories to this first level of product grouping. In some systems it can also be called "Family", or also "Group", and in other ways.

Depending on the company concerned, some examples of Product Category may be: Stationery, Cleaning, Supplies, Spare Parts, Tools, Health, Home, etc.

In turn, each Category may have other lower-level divisions, which we call Sub Categories.

In the case of Sub Categories, another step is descended, getting a little closer to the characteristics of the product you want to group into it.

To name the Sub Categories, you can appeal to the purpose of the product, aesthetic details (color, size, texture), the type of end user of the product, or also combining information.

For example, if we had a Stationery Category, we could have as Sub Categories of it, Stickers, Drawing, etc.

The creation of a correct category and sub category structure, and its link with each product, will allow us later, the queries and filters that we make in the different reports of the program, and in this way it will not be easier and clearer display inventory information.

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